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Spider Control & Removal Melbourne

Australia has an estimated 10,000 of these venomous eight-legged species inhabiting our ecosystems. They can be found in the urban areas of our city as well as out in the bushland of VIC.

There are various spiders in Australia, but the two that we should avoid are the Sydney Funnel Web Spider and the Red Back Spider.  Both of these species are capable of killing human beings with its bite. Have you thought about contracted a spider control expert yet?

Problems associated with spiders

Sydney Funnel Web Spider is a very aggressive spider, bitting with the slightest provocation. It is drawn towards water, and is frequently found on stagnant bathtubs, toilets, and in swimming pools.

The Red back Spider is a black spider with an orange to red longitudinal stripe on its abdomen. It’s mostly found in close proximity to humans with its web being built in dry, sheltered areas such as logs, rocks, sheds and toilets. Only the female bite is dangerous. Humans are not normally attacked unless they come into direct contact with its web.

Solutions to your Problem

Spiders in your home can be a real danger to you and your family, with some inflicting a deadly bite, causing death if not dealt with immediately.

Our well-trained team of spider control professionals have a lot of experience when dealing with spiders throughout the VIC area. Give us a call today and we will quickly assess and carry out an effective and efficient plan to deal with your spider problem.

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