Wasp Removal

Wasps are flying insects that have a very nasty and ferocious sting.  They find and build their nest in high traffic areas such as doorways and trees. They are also found in gardens and along pathways.

Wasps are quite similar to bees but differ in a few ways. The main difference is in their body size, with wasps being longer and leaner in size having their yellow stripes built into their skin unlike bees who have a stout oval shape body with fuzzy yellow stripes going across their whole body.

The other notable difference is that when a wasp stings you it will not die, unlike bees who will die instantly.

Wasps feed on sweeter plants and other smaller insects.   Their eating patterns are dependant on their development stage in life.  The baby wasp will usually feed on smaller insects while the adult wasp will feed on bigger ones by paralysing them and then taking them back to their nest for their babies to feed on.

Problems associated with Wasp

The risk of having a wasp’s infection in your home is that, one wasp can sting you over and over again and it will hurt. In some people its sting can cause an allergic reaction sending you to hospital immediately. Unfortunately in some cases, it can cause death.

Wasps are attracted to bright colours and to sweet smelling things. Your children are normally the ones most in danger as they are usually oblivious to the stinging animals ferocious behaviour.

Solutions to that problem

If your property is infected with these dangerous flying insects then it would be best to give Pestline a call and we will get our experienced technicians to come out to your property to do an assessment on the infestation. Our experienced team are well equipped to manage your wasp problem with ease, ensuring that you and your family can return to a safe home environment.

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