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Moth Control & Removal Melbourne

month removal melbourneThere are thousands of moth species around the world, with about 2500 different species found in Australia.

While the adult moths are not a health risk to humans, some species can be a pest towards your crops. Their larvae can also damage clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets, which is why in the event you find you have an infestation you should seek moth control and removal solutions to eradicate the problem.

Problems associated with Moth Infestation

Moths that feed on fabrics are called clothes moths and with only 2 to 3 different kinds of them in Australia they are able to cause significant damage to your clothes.

These moths are very particular about what they eat concentrating on animal derived fibres included wool and silk.

They do prefer to target clothes that are soiled or dirty over those that have been cleaned. They flourish and thrive the most in areas where the humidity is high.

Its important to make sure that when you have identified moths in your home to check out you pantry, as moths have been known to infest foodstuff as well.

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Moth Control Solutions to the problem

Some homeowners resort to do it your self moth control remedies, which don’t always work as effective as they should. Proper treatment is often required to completely get rid of moths and to preserve the state of your wardrobe from the damaging effects of these insects. We would suggest giving Pestline a call, as we can handle your moth problem using our most effective and safest methods. Our experienced team of professionals who understand the habits of these pests will use their knowledge to develop a concrete plan to eradicate the problem, leaving you to enjoy the peace and comfort of your moth free home.

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