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Bird Mites Removal Melbourne

bird mite removal MelbourneBird mites are insects from a group of mite species, which infest birds found in warmer climates. There are over 45, 000 reported species of known bird mites. Only a few species are known to be parasites in mammals, but they can be very detrimental to their host. They originally live under birds’ feathers waiting to feed on their fresh blood.

Problems associated with bird mites

Over time the parasite evolves and adapts to different environments allowing it to cling to other mammals such as humans.

This means that it can travel from its bird nest to human habitats with ease and because of its small size they are often hard to notice, except when they have found a host and left a nasty bite mark.

If you live in an area surrounded by poultry or if there are bird nests in the area then there is an extra risk that these parasites can find their way into your home. It’s hard to notice these mites but you will know when you have been bitten by one as they can leave an irritating rash on your skin.

Bird mites are not known for transmitting any fatal attacks on humans but can still leave an irritating mark on your skin.

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It is hard to eradicate Bird mites on your own. To completely eradicate your home of these bird parasites give Pestline a call and we will send out one of our professional and expert pest controllers to assess the problem and help bring these pests under control. If you’ve contracted bird mites to your commercial or industrial complex then we can assist with the removal of these too.

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