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Cockroach Removal Melbourne

There has been an increase in cockroach infestation in suburban areas around Australia with approximately 400 known species spotted in the past couple of years.

The cockroach has adapted well to most environments, living comfortably in some of the wettest and driest environments. They are able to survive on many foods that would not be suitable for human consumption.  The cockroach has an extraordinary and un-bearing reproduction rate which makes it seem like they cannot die, but they do have their limits.

The insect is not able to survive without proper food and water, hence starving to death within a month.

Problems with Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are not the best transmitters of diseases to humans, however they do leave their dung on food, making it unbearable for human consumption.  They do however tend to harvest in places that are infested with disease causing bacteria, carrying it to places where food may be prepared or kept.

There are also some people who maybe allergic to the chemical compounds found in the faeces of cockroach, that when released onto food can cause an unpleasant reaction.  These symptoms may involve you having itchy skin, and a persistent runny nose.

Pestline cockroach control services are available to the area of VIC.

Solutions to your problem

The unpleasant sight and the fact that these pests can cause disease should make you want to get in touch with a professional pest technician immediately.

Pestline have a dedicated cockroach team of technicians who will carry out a thorough report on your cockroach situation and advise you on the safest and most effective way to treat your cockroach infestation.

Whether it is at home or work we will help manage your problem, giving you the relief you need from their presence and allergens. We will also leave you with the necessary steps needed to help manage a cockroach infestation.

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