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snake removalSnakes can be found in all suburban and rural areas around Australia. There are about 140 land snakes in the country, with 10 of them ranking in the deadliest in the world. Although many of them are harmless, finding a snake in your home can be a daunting experience putting you and your family at risk. However, bites from snakes are rare in Australia and fatalities low since the development of anti venom vaccines. Despite this, snakes should be avoided as much as possible, and if you find them in your home then you should consult a snake catcher and consider their snake control and removal solutions.

Why do I need a snake catcher?

There are different types of snakes that can be found in VIC, with some being venomous and others not. Some of the most venomous snakes to surround VIC are, the Eastern Tiger Snake, Death Adar, Red Bellied Black Snake, Brown Tree Snake and the Black Belly Swap Snake. Snakes that may not be venomous may include the Green Tree Snake and the Carpet Python.

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Our Snake Removal Solutions

If you come across a snake and are not sure if it venomous or not, the best thing to do is contact your local snake catcher. Dealing with any snake on your own can be extremely risky and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why it’s best left to the professional snake catchers.

To ensure the safety of your family and pets, contact Pestline and we will get a professional and highly trained snake catcher to come out to your property to ensure your safety, by capturing the snake. Do not make the mistake of leaving the safety of your family and pets in someone else’s hands. Contact us today, and our highly trained snake catcher will deal with your snake issue immediately.

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