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Commercial Pest Control Melbourne

True to their name, pests wreak havoc throughout commercial buildings across Melbourne. From mice and vermin in the depths of the CBD to fox burrows and spiders out in the suburbs, it stands to reason you may require a commercial pest control expert at some stage for your business.

With an average of over $1.5 billion in property damage caused by termites each year throughout Australia, many businesses have come to learn that insurance often does not cover this type of damage and have subsequently been out of pocket. Therefore, staying on top of your pest management protocols is vital not only to the safety of your staff, but also to your property, profits and sanity! Regardless of which Victorian city council your property resides within, pest managment is a responsibility that all commercial property owners should remain vigilant with.

Not only are commercial pests destructive to your business, if you are operating a restaurant or business that requires regular health and safety checks, sleeping on commercial pest control management can destroy your reputation.

If you have even the slightest hint that a pest infestation might be just around the corner, we recommend that you contact our commercial pest control company on 1300 361 646 as soon as possible for your free site assessment.

Working through the interior, the exterior and drawing upon our knowledge of known pests within your suburb, our team of pest control experts will produce a comprehensive removal and prevention plan to suit your budget and schedule. Once pests get comfortable, the problem can manifest quickly and this should not be left until tomorrow.

Our Commercial Pest Services

Servicing Melbourne CBD, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong, Dromana, Berwick, Frankston and surrounding suburbs, Pestline has dealt with hundreds of commercial pest problems over the years and we are near certain that your current infestation is nothing we haven’t seen before. Offering the most comprehensive commercial pest control solutions in Melbourne, our experts are trained to adopt a holistic approach for effective pest removal that tackles the problems from both inside and out.

From assessing the what, why and when your commercial property has been infested, we offer solutions to rid your business of pests whilst also implementing preventative measures to stop them returning in the future. Based upon your commercial pest problem, we will tailor a specific plan of action and follow all legal and industry requirements to complete the job the first time around.

We perform one-off treatments and compliance pest programs for compliance to all commercial industries, including:

Aged Care Facilities
City & State Councils
✓ Food Storage and Transport
Hotels and Motels
Office Pest Control
Pubs and Clubs
Schools and Child Cares
✓ Sporting Clubs
✓ Storage Facilities
Transport & Logistics
Warehouse Pests


Enforcing good hygiene throughout your business is one thing, but blocking holes and preventing pests from taking a seat at the boardroom table in the first place requires a professional – especially when you have a restaurant business you’d like to keep pest-free!

Common Commercial Pest Removals

Regardless of whether you are admiring the views from one of Melbourne’s fabulous CBD skyrise office complexes or down at street level in a local restaurant, there are many types of commercial pests to keep a close eye upon. While the type of pest you may encounter will be largely dependant on your building type and operating activities, the most common types of commercial pests we remove are the following:

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of what our pest control experts can handle, we often find that these are the most common type of commercial pests. One of the earliest signs of infestation will be droppings, gnaw marks or dead insects throughout your commercial property. Although subtle signals, these can manifest into much larger problems! As soon as you see these early warning signs, you should contact your local commercial pest control company to intervene on the budding infestation before it becomes too late.

Commercial Pest Management Plans

There are two ways that you can look at commercial pest management services. One, you can be reactive and call upon us when you see visible signs of infestation. Or you can take a proactive approach to commercial pest management through partnering with a company such as Pestline to provide regular sprays and scheduled maintenance.

While pest control is often an afterthought, the latter often proves a cost-effective solution for many businesses throughout Melbourne. The age old saying of ‘’prevention is better than cure’’ rings true with commercial pest control.

Over the years, we have developed a 3-step commercial pest management program that is suitable for the majority of businesses across Melbourne. It starts with a conversation where we together identify any existing infestation and potential future problems. One of our technicians will attend your premises, conduct a FREE risk assessment, discuss with you your businesses’ needs, and provide at length the strategies available to solve your pest problem both today and tomorrow.

Then, we prepare a comprehensive commercial pest removal program to target all areas of infestation and risks based upon our technicians site visit. We will send this to you for your consideration and approval; before moving forward with completing the work.

Once you are ready, our commercial pest removal experts will perform ethical treatments in accordance with your pest program and communicate with you regularly throughout the treatment period. We ensure minimal disruption to our daily operations and will only use industry standard treatments that are accredited and licensed.

After the initial treatment of your commercial pests, we will then schedule a regular maintenance program that matches your diary and budget to ensure we stay on top of prevention.

Why Choose Pestline Commercial Pest Removal?

There are many reasons why Melbourne business complexes and site managers choose Pestline for commercial pest removal. It starts with our expansive industry experience spanning well over a decade, as well as our commitment to delivering commercial pest control solutions that not only fix the immediate problem but also protect your future.

Then, through our comprehensive understanding that dealing with pests is a nuisance for any business, our pest control experts will work efficiently and quietly to ensure that there is as minimal disruption to your daily operations as possible.

By eradicating pests efficiently the first time around, we believe we can limit the number of times you need to call upon us, saving you on maintenance costs in the long term. It is through this advocacy of long-lasting pest control solutions that our business has often been heralded as one of the best commercial pest control companies in Melbourne. We show up on time, provide transparency throughout and will also ensure that you are well informed on how to prevent commercial pest infestation by following a few simple practices.

Regardless of whether you are looking to tackle an immediate pest problem or staying on top of your pest management protocols, contact our team today on 1300 361 646 to obtain your free quote and site assessment.

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