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Looking for office pest control for your business in Melbourne? Pestline’s pest removal and management solutions are trusted by a variety of businesses, including small teams, and multi-storey offices.

We serve South East Melbourne such as Frankston, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs. Alongside office pest control services, we also provide pest removal solutions to restaurants, warehouses, construction companies, and various other commercial establishments.

Why office pest control is necessary

You will need office pest control at some point. Your business is attractive to a variety of tiny winged creatures, rodents, and the occasional bird you found pecking in your office kitchen. At best, they can be a nuisance. At worst, they can cause health hazards and affect your business’ reputation.

Some signs of pest infestation are plain for everyone to see. So long as your staff are first to see them, you can probe the matter and solve it soon, although it can cause employee distress. But if your clients glimpse a pest loitering about your corridors, embarrassment and apologies are inevitable. You can easily avoid it with quality pest control for office buildings.

There’s also the possibility of pest infestation going unnoticed. Your staff may not be trained to spot insect droppings, exoskeletons, dead bugs and nesting material, and raise an alarm as needed. And while a dead bug or two isn’t a cause for alarm, there’s a chance that the fleas and mites you see have been brought in by rats, mice or other furry animals. While the rodents can contaminate your food, the ectoparasites they carry can cause scabies, Lyme disease and typhus among other diseases and infections.

What can you do?

Good hygiene control helps prevent pest infestation. But unwanted guests can sneak in just the same. Installing door sweeps, covering vents and gaps throughout your office, and keeping bins covered at all times will keep the pests out. Yet, they can also hitchhike on employees’ or customers’ belongings, find safe passages in elevators, or gain entry indoors through any windows or crevices.

The most effective solution to pest problems is professional pest control for offices. Pestline is equipped to handle pest removal for different types of commercial establishments. We have an excellent track record of keeping Melbourne offices pest-free.

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We help you manage or eliminate a variety of pests

Several pests can find food and/or shelter in your office including:

  •   Ants
  •   Cockroaches
  •   Rats
  •   Mice
  •   Flies
  •   Beetles
  •   Moths
  •   Mites
  •   Birds

Whether your ant problem has gone out of hand or you’re dealing with a particularly resistant species of critters, we’ve got you. Our pest management and elimination services cover all kinds of creepy crawlies, rodents, bird nesting, as well as snakes and possums.

Dealing with pests quickly will spare your business the negative impacts that can occur as a result of eventual infestation. You may see one rat today and eliminate it, but there may be more lurking in your storeroom that you don’t know about. Young rats can become mating adults in just five weeks. The bottom line is pest infestations can go out of hand quickly. Why deal with a full-blown, severe infestation when you can have our office pest control experts step in and help you manage your pest problems quickly?

Effective pest control isn’t a one-time effort

While pest control best practices can go a long way in keeping insects and rodents out, you’ll need to keep monitoring for them anyway. So long as people and goods come into your premises, the possibility of unwelcome guests will remain. The goal, therefore, should be to limit the chances of infestation with preventive action on your own and scheduled pest control treatments. Our experts suggest a pest control program on a case-by-case basis and tailor one to your needs.

Effective and discreet office pest control in Melbourne

Pestline is a family-run business serving Melbourne homes and commercial establishments, including restaurants, warehouses, hotels and construction companies. Our pest removal and control services adhere to Australian standards and are carried out by licensed technicians.

You may wonder why you should choose us over other local businesses that provide similar services. Here’s why businesses turn to us for pest-related concerns:

  •   Our office pest control services and solutions achieve fast and effective results
  •   We use proven environmentally friendly and risk-free chemicals
  •   Our treatments are safe for use around children and animals
  •   All of our treatments are backed by a warranty
  •   Our pest control for workplaces is affordable

We’re advocates of office hygiene and pest management. In this role, we help you understand what you can do to keep pests away from your store and inform you about every action we will take during our pest control treatment. We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience can help you visualise pest problems throughout your premises, understand the damage pests can cause, watch out for changes over time, and know when professional services are needed.

If you suspect you’re dealing with a pest infestation or you’ve sighted a creature on your desk that you cannot wait to remove, book an inspection right away. We’ll solve your pest problem quickly and provide you peace of mind knowing that your premises are hygienic and pest-free.

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