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Scorpion Control Melbourne

Australian scorpions can be found in warm habitats of gardens and forest, making their homes under logs, rocks, and shallow burrows in earth banks.

They are mostly nocturnal creatures and are able to survive for extended periods of time without food.  They feed mostly on other insects and arachnids, occasionally killing small lizards and mammals as well.

Problems associated with Scorpions

They normally do not attack humans but they will sting in a defensive manner. Scorpions are rarely seen in large number, especially round residential area, but if they are, you may need to call up Pestline control to help you get rid of the pest.

These insects are well geared to being undetected due to their instant blend with their natural habitat, hiding under stones, and different plants, it would prove to be very hard to get rid of them on your own.

Risks of scorpion infestation

Scorpions tend to be larger and more venomous in the northern parts of Australia. However the sporadic spotting of a scorpion in and around your area should not be seen as major concern to your health. You should however take the necessary measure to remove these animals from your property if seen in large numbers. The venom from a scorpion is painful and can make those stung feel sick for a couple of days. First aid for a sting is to apply a cold pack to the sting site and seek medical immediately. Usual symptoms from a bite include, headaches, nausea, redness/swelling on the bite mark and other symptoms of a similar nature.

Solution to the Problem

You can avoid being stung by a scorpion by wearing gloves and shoes when you are working in the garden.

You can also get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals at Pestline who will help sort out your scorpion problem for you.  Our team will manage your scorpion problem, ensuring that your home is back to the safety that it once enjoyed.

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