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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Extermination

In Australia there has been an increasing infestation of beg bugs in the past decade, with infestations being reported in hospitals, back packers and cinemas just to name a few.

The Problem

Bedbugs are small-blooded sucking wingless insects with brown bodies and six crooked legs.

Although they are nocturnal pests, they are ready to pounce on their prey when they are hungry.

They tend to shelter in dark locations, mostly in bed mattresses where there is access to food, feeding on their human’s hosts without notice. They can also be found in the crevices of walls, furniture and also behind lose wallpaper.

Although their bite is painless and can cause swelling and irritation of the skin, there is no evidence to show that bed bugs can transmit any infectious diseases.

The only time that a bite can become infectious is when a patient is found to be allergic to the parasite.

Solution to the problem

Homeowners can try to eradicate the problem of bed bugs by changing their sheets, airing and fumigating the bed, but most of the time this does not work. The fact that bed bugs can find shelter in the crevices of furniture and other dark places around the home means that professional pest management will be needed to root them out.

Your local Pestline team of technician can come out to your property to determine the extent of your infestation and eradicate the problem with proven and environmentally safe insecticide control measures.

We recommend repeated visits to make sure that the problem is dealt with fully, but its also important that you implement good hygiene practices around the home to prevent any further infestations.

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