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Fox Pest Control in Melbourne and Surroundings

Since the European Red Fox was introduced to Victoria in the early 1870s, this invasive species has wreaked havoc on farms across the country, regional Victorian properties, and even inner-city dwellings across the greater city of Melbourne. With foxes in Melbourne and regional Victoria, fox trapping and fox removal services are now required more than ever.

Contrary to popular belief, the population density of foxes can be higher in metropolitan areas than in regional Victoria, with an estimated 16 foxes per square kilometre in the city of Melbourne alone as opposed to around 4-8 per square kilometre in agricultural areas.

What threats do foxes pose in Melbourne and regional Victoria?

As foxes have historically been major threats to native Australian plants and wildlife – most particularly small birds and marsupials -, foxes are declared to be an Established Pest Animal in the state of Victoria under the Catchment and Land Protection Act of 1994. State regulations stipulate that landowners are responsible for fox control in Victoria if foxes are observed on their property.

Whilst these regulations may be harder to uphold in metropolitan areas with local council districts generally providing fox control resources, regional Victorians have more than likely experienced their fair share of fox removals with fox removal specialists, as these pests have been known to be prolific in regional areas, preying upon newborn lamb and kid goats as well as hens and other poultry.

In built-up areas, such as foxes in Melbourne, foxes have been known to attack household pets like backyard chickens, as well as disturbing rubbish bins and scattering debris into yards and roadways. Alongside these more dangerous destructive acts, foxes have also been known to consume fruits dropped by fruit trees and destroy backyard veggie patches.

Foxes may also pose threats to the public health and safety of Victorian residents as well, as these pests have been known to carry endemic diseases like mange, as well as tapeworms and other types of parasites. Whilst cases of foxes biting humans have been rare, they’re still classified as dangerous animals, and fox removals should always be conducted by pest control experts. Fox control in Victoria is necessary to ensure your family and friends are safe.

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Pestline’s specialist fox trapping services

Unlike many other domestic pest control services, our team at Pestline includes dedicated fox removal experts who have a permit to shoot foxes on sight and by Victorian state regulations. Using our dedicated equipment and techniques, we will deliver and oversee an effective fox removal plan that’s been tailor-made to suit the needs of your property.

We will give you the best advice on how to keep your property free from further destruction or disruption caused by foxes. For professional fox trapping and other fox control services in Melbourne and surrounding areas book an appointment online or call us on 1300 361 646 today. We also specialise in all other household pests, including termite control and vermin control.

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