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Transport pest control

Looking for a logistics and transport pest control service? Pestline can help. We provide pest control and removal for Melbourne businesses. Our pest treatment covers all types of urban pests in all of Melbourne’s Southeastern suburbs.

Pesky pests are commonly found in freight, postage, aviation, public transport and so on. A pest infestation can damage the goods and reputation of a business, especially when the recipient opens to a nasty surprise. Perhaps you have a major infestation problem that can pose a health scare to employees and clients alike. Quick access to a transport pest control company helps avoid any harm to health, structural damage, or inconvenience that’s quite common when logistics pest problems are allowed to fester.

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Pests Thrive On Transportation

There are many reasons for pests to make commercial transportation their home:

  • More goods means more rubbish. Rats, mice, insects, flies, birds and wildlife are lured by the stench emanating from perishable goods.
  • Insects do well in urban heat. There are more insects in urban spaces than in rural areas.
  • Blame it on climate change. An increase in temperature affects metabolic rates, causing insects to eat more to survive and grow faster, leading to an increase in their population growth rate, making them more likely to disturb your logistics and transport business.
  • Strict time commitments mean less time to keep transportation pest-free. Transportation businesses are responsible for many major functions and services, and the pressure to complete this promptly. The time pressure may not allow you to maintain spaces as hygienic or clean as you’d like to on your own.

Any transport pest control in Melbourne should be done with Pestline’s pest control services. Any news or visual evidence of unhygienic premises can cast doubts on your capability and affect your image, but Pestline can guarantee the complete removal of your logistics pest problem.

With Pestline, you can avoid any adverse impacts stemming from inattention to pest problems. You’ll, of course, also be keeping your premises pest-free for employees and customers.

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Common Pests Near Your Business

Our transport pest control service is equipped to safely eliminate or remove a variety of critters, insects, birds and reptiles, including:

Our professional pest control services prove vital in several situations. Whether it’s the safe removal and relocation of possums or the effective elimination of roaches from every nook and corner of your building, we’re up to the task.

Transport Pest Control Methods We May Use 

  • Surface treatment for crawling insects
  • Spraying spaces where flying insects are present
  • Fumigating for insects inside materials
  • Baiting for rodents, vermin and certain insects
  • Trapping possums and releasing them into their natural environment
  • Luring snakes out of hiding and into a container ready for relocation
  • Corrective netting and other bird-proofing solutions to deter repeated nesting

Best Practices To Reduce Pest Infestations

  • Deny entry: Seal off or close any gaps or cracks to keep pests out.
  • Deny food: Seal foods. Empty bins daily. Clean up spills immediately.
  • Deny shelter: Reduce areas or clutter where pests can hide.
  • Monitor: Proactively handle maintenance issues such as plumbing leaks. Instruct staff to report any pest they see on the premises.
  • Destroy: Use transport pest control services for effective, discreet and safe removal and management of insects and vermin.

A tailored transport pest control program is ideal to monitor and optimise the hygiene and safety of your premises. This way, you can spot problems before they worsen and become more expensive to solve.

Quality Transport Pest Control Solutions From Pestline

Home and business owners in South East Melbourne, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs rely on us for logistics pest control and management that works. While there is no silver bullet to prevent pests from ever entering your premises, with timely action, you can prevent them from multiplying, causing damage or in a worst-case scenario, sparking health problems. Ongoing pest management is essential to keep your premises hygienic and safe for employees and visitors.

Pestline Is Your One-Stop Logistics Pest Control Provider

We meet all your expectations regarding:

  • the effectiveness of pest removal and management
  • safe pest eradication around people
  • the certifications and experience of our licensed technicians
  • the use of environmentally friendly, risk-free chemicals
  • timely service and spending the time necessary to solve the pest problem
  • adherence to standards and rules of pest control
  • the cost of services, which compares more favourably with other transport pest control companies and other offices

Our work is backed by a warranty. We make sure that you’re satisfied with our services and encourage you to follow up about your experience. Contact us on 1300 361 646 for a free quote and nip your pest problem in the bud.

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