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Industrial Pest Control Melbourne

Manufacturing and industrial works are big business in Melbourne. But not when you have to shut down due to pest infestation for the safety of your workers or goods. A situation we can all agree is something to avoid.

When you are dealing in the production of pharmaceuticals or food processing, industrial pest control services are your saving grace from potential lawsuits or health and safety fines. Although Australia is lucky to be free from some of the world’s most damaging plant pests, manufacturing sites still require extra special attention and our industrial pest experts are well-equipped to deal with supply chains of all shapes and sizes.

Directly impacting your goods, there are many ways for pests to infiltrate your industrial plant and we have often found that breaches can come from the most unlikely of places. From rodents and insects spreading pathogens to mosquitos and small critters, pests are rife throughout manufacturing plants across the entire country.

Regardless of whether you have historically never had to deal with pests, the impact of climate change has resulted in many pests migrating to new neighbourhoods. One of which could be your own! While enforcing professional hygiene policies throughout your site is always advised, blocking breach areas and preventing pests from enjoying a cosy home amongst your goods (free of charge!) requires professional care.

Proactively seek a comprehensive pest management program for your local council; guided by industrial building regulations with Pestline today at 1300 361 646. Call us now for your free site assessment. We will provide an initial consultation over the phone and then visit your site for a full risk assessment. As advocates of hassle-free solutions, our team of industrial pest removal experts based in Melbourne will be on hand to deal with your problem quickly, and efficiently.

Our Industrial Pest Removal Services

Working with some of Melbourne’s leading manufacturers, our industrial pest control solutions are designed to deal with both the prevention and elimination of all types of common industrial pests the first time around. From small manufacturing warehouses to large-scale supply chains and construction sites, we take extra care to ensure that your plant is secure for both today and tomorrow.

Dealing with any immediate pest control issues effectively, our industrial pest control services take a holistic approach to pest management. We will assess both the interior and exterior of your property and draw upon our knowledge of common pests throughout your suburb to provide a comprehensive treatment and prevention plan.

Each industrial pest solution is tailored to your specific risks of infestation and we will perform both one-off treatments alongside regular maintenance schedules that comply with both pest removal and health and safety laws.

From educating you on how to maintain superb pest prevention and industrial hygiene throughout the day to delivering a completely transparent pest removal service, we are the one-stop shop for many industrial plants throughout South East Melbourne, Dromana, Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and surrounding suburbs.

Common Industrial Pests

Although hidden throughout many industrial and manufacturing sites, pests and vermin are most often found within plants that handle food or pharmaceuticals. From a wide variety of insects to spiders in the suburbs and foul rodents in the city, the most common types of industrial pests we remove are as follows:

While by no means the exhaustive list of what our industrial pest control experts can handle, the early signs for most of these pests are droppings, flies, gnaw marks or dead insects. As soon as you witness any of these signs, you should contact your local industrial pest control expert immediately to arrange a site assessment. In our experience, a small problem can manifest quickly into something much more serious and therefore proactivity will always triumph over hoping the problem will go away.

Professional Industrial Pest Management Programs

While many site managers deal with industrial pest companies only when a breach has occurred, partnering with a company such as Pestline for regular site checks is a much more cost-effective solution to keeping pests out of your industrial site. The time that it will take to remove pests is far greater than to keep them out and as such, many businesses benefit from our regular industrial pest management programs.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment of your plant and potential risks, we will identify existing infestation and potential future problems for your business. Conducting this full site assessment will also enable us to discuss your business needs, and financial constraints and provide a strategy that will mitigate your risks of infestation.

Then, once we have agreed on the plan of attack, we will prepare a complete industrial pest management solution that will target all major areas of infestation or risks. This can be completed within a single visit or multiple visits depending on your schedule. All of this is approved and transparent before we start work.

Once you are ready and we have locked down suitable times to not disrupt your workflow, our manufacturing pest removal experts will perform ethical treatments by your pest program whilst communicating regularly throughout. We believe in education just as much as we do providing a good service and therefore be prepared to learn a thing or two about how to mitigate the risk of pests during your shift.

After the initial treatment, we will then schedule a regular maintenance program that matches your diary and budget to ensure we stay on top of prevention.

So, if you are in the market for an industrial pest company that uses leading industrial tools, has over 20 years of experience and provides a holistic pest management service that tackles both the inside and outside of your property, call Pestline today on 1300 361 646 to speak directly with our founder and arrange your free site assessment.

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