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Construction Pest Control

Construction Pest Control Melbourne

Building a home is a huge investment that should provide you with decades of happiness and security. Although the saying is ‘as safe as houses’, houses (especially new ones) can actually be seriously threatened by pests! Here at Pestline, we’re renowned throughout the construction industry for our construction pest control services. Failing to use pest control in the pre-construction phase of your build can have dire consequences, as pests such as termites can weaken the very foundations of your building.

Pest Control for New Construction

Pre-construction pest control is vital for any construction projects. Australian regulations dictate that all new-build houses have termite protection measures in place during the build phase.

Not only does this affect the health of the building, but it is also imperative for the health of your family. We use chemicals and techniques that are guaranteed to help you protect and manage the pests in your premises, improve the wellbeing of your family, and protect your investment.

Why choose Pestline for your Construction Pest Control?

In short, we have unparalleled experience in working specifically with the construction industry. We’ve earned our reputation and gained a wealth of knowledge on which products and pest control techniques to use depending on the nature of the construction project.  Working directly with builders, architects and tradesmen has allowed us to develop the pest control services the construction industry needs.

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