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It’s rare that when people say “barfly” they’re talking about a literal fly at a bar. Where one is a person who hangs around pubs and clubs too much, and the other is an insect that hangs around pubs and clubs too much. Aside from their chosen haunt, their other major commonality is that they’re both pests and can cause a major problem if not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

When you’re dealing with any communal industry, especially one responsible for the service of food and drink, then you’ve got to ensure that your pub pest control measures are up-to-date and effective. Infestations can cause a myriad of issues for you and the customers you serve. Painful bites, transmission of bacteria, and dodgy food are all business environment killers, and sometimes people killers too.

Before things get that far though, why not give Pestline a call on 1300 361 646 now for all your pest control for pubs and clubs needs?

Leading Pest Control in Clubs

Pestline is one of Melbourne’s foremost clubs and pub pest control experts. Our years of experience mean that we’re ready for infestations of any size, but we also differ from other pest removal services in our work ethic.

Pestline services are based on the knowledge that pests, though simple, are living things. They’re always looking for new habitation, new sources of food, and safe environments in which to form colonies. The nature of pest colonies means that they are often difficult to find, and even if you deal with a major infestation, you may never get all of your unwanted occupants gone. This means that you’re subject to the likelihood of a recurrent infestation, or if countermeasures aren’t installed, then new pests will come to live in the freshly vacated neighbourhood.

Pestline works under the assumption that even though we’ve done our best, maybe one got away. We make sure to look after our clients by establishing guards against further infestation, making hospitable areas very inhospitable to unwanted guests.

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Spotting Common Infestations

The first step in controlling an infestation is knowing what to look for. When it comes to pest control in pubs and clubs there are a few species that you need to look out for specifically. Pest species make up the vast majority of the world’s ecology and are extremely adaptable, so make sure that you’re on the lookout for critters that have made their way into your business, particularly the following:

Ants (Ochetellus glaber)

This Australian native ant is an incredibly common pest both residential and commercial. Even though their bite causes only minor discomfort, these ants can produce significant issues in large numbers, especially due to their heavy attraction to food and drinks. Frequently ant infestations are fairly aggressive and persistent, invading quickly and their presence in pubs or clubs becomes more serious the longer it’s left. Infestation symptoms include:

  • Saturated ant presence.
  • Single or multiple ant trails.
  • Ant habitats in the form of mounds of dirt.
  • Foods and food storage and presence.
  • Discarded wings on the floor near doors and windows.
  • Strong ant presence on trees.

Cockroaches (Periplaneta australasiae)

These 2-3 cm insects are often mistaken for their American folk, but they’re a distinct Australian breed. These cockroaches are very small and enjoy building their home in crevices and cracks with some kind of access to liquid. They also frequently feed on scraps and other food that people may drop – a frequent occurrence in bars and clubs. Here’s how to know if you’ve got an infestation on your hands:

  • Baby roaches are frequently spotted.
  • One or more adults in food storage spaces, or food.
  • Empty egg cases are strewn near chosen habitats.
  • The presence of dark spots and smears is a result of droppings.
  • Must stench that will increase the more cockroaches are present.

Rodents (Mus musculus/Rattus norvegicus)

Undomesticated mice (mus musculus) and rats (rattus norvegicus) frequently cause problems for businesses that regularly deal with food, but don’t invest in clubs or pubs pest control measures. Rodents are disease carriers of the highest order, and leave the following evidence when they establish a concentrated presence in your business: 

  • Heavy concentration of droppings in food storage areas, as well as in food packets, drawers, cupboards, and sinks.
  • Paper, fabric, and plants often show evidence of having been shredded as rodents will use these materials to build their nests.
  • Chewing behaviour becomes evident on packets or bags of food.
  • Floor-level holes that create ingress points to the building.
  • Strong smells of faecal matter or ammonia around places that can’t be reached.

Why Pestline for Clubs and Pubs Pest Control?

Simply put, we’re one of the best options for pest control in pubs and clubs. There’s nothing more essential to any business that deals in any form of hospitality. All it takes is one errant hair, one invading insect, one missed dropping to send a customer to the emergency room and drive you out of business.

If you think you may have an infestation, or if you are interested in having preemptive measures installed in your business, then contact us at Pestline via our contact form through our website or on 1300 361 646.

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