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Silver Fish

Silverfish Control & Removal

Silver fish are small silvery insects, mostly found in dark quite environments throughout Australia.

They are mostly active at night, preferring to nest in places of moisture like your basements, wall cavities and within most of the unused areas around your house.

Problems associated with Silver fish

Silver fish are destructive pests in the house as they love to eat items of a high starch content such as books, cotton fabrics, magazines, silk and paper goods are prime targets for Silverfish. If you have valuable items such as old photos and similar items that you have kept throughout the years, Silverfish will devour them if they find them.

How to control the problem

Silverfish are hard to detect, however if your house has a Silverfish in it, then you should consult a Pestline specialist to take care of the problem for you.

The way that you can tell if you have a problem is through either the sighting of one or when you notice holes in the magazines sitting in your living room area.

In order to deal with this problem contact our courteous and professional team at Pestline to help you manage and get rid of your silverfish, helping to keep your stored and valuable items in one piece.

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