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fly removal MelbourneFlies are known to be one of the most annoying pests to have in your home, with about 30000 different species known to inhabit Australia. Although there are various methods of preventing them from entering the home, in many cases, this can be unavoidable, which is where fly control and removal solutions can help eradicate the problem permanently.

Often cited throughout densely populated areas such as retail shopping centres, this is a huge number to contend with, however, a lot of these insects are oblivious to humans as they spend their time occupying themselves with other activities.

The fly belongs to a group of insects called Diptera, which classifies them as having two wings attached to their thorax.  The most common flies found in suburban areas of Melbourne are the housefly, fruitfly, bush fly and blowfly.

The life cycle of flies usually starts with the female fly feeding off organic matter such as fruits and decomposing material, depositing their eggs on this matter, with the expectation that these eggs hatch within a day or two.

The female fly chooses to lay her eggs on organic matter as it is the most conducive to the development of their eggs; the larvae that hatch can immediately feed off its nutrient-rich surrounds.

Problems associated with flies

Flies are generally not seen as dangerous pests, however, their path of physical development sees them feeding off dung, garbage, or decaying matter before finding their way to our food source.  The common housefly is the common carrier of pathogens, causing diseases such as cholera, typhoid and anthrax. If they vomit and walk on surfaces where we prepare our food, they can deposit these pathogens along the way.

Although we tend to see flies as pests, they do help in the maintenance of our ecosystem by playing their part in the pollination of many plants. The pollen from these plants is rich in protein, which helps in the development of the fly, especially in its season of reproduction.

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Fly Control Solutions

If you need to keep flies away from home, contact our efficient professional services team at Pestline. We will implement proven fly control and removal measures to help manage your infestation problem and in the process make your home more pleasurable than it was before.

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