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flea removal MelbourneFleas are blood-sucking parasites that feed off humans and pets such as dogs and cats. They can infest any household using a wide range of host mammals including humans. There are close to several dozen species of fleas in Australia, with most of them living in warm and humid climates. The high humidity favours the development of their larvae.

They are able to find their host with ease, due to their leaping ability and heightened senses, used to finding warm-blooded bodies, which is why flea control. A healthy presence of adult fleas can get several meals out of one bite, ensuring that their offspring get plenty to eat by feeding off their dung.

The Problem with a Flea Infestation

Fleas are known disease transmitters. They can transmit other parasites like tapeworm larvae, as well as the notorious bubonic plague from wild rodents to humans in certain parts of the world, thankfully not Australia. You will know when you have been bitten by a flea as the bite area will be extremely itchy, with a red swollen lump developing within half an hour to an hour of the bite. That’s why ensuring you have the right flea control measures is vital in the prevention of bites.

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Flea Removal Solutions

To solve your flea infestation get in touch with our pest control team at Pestline today and our quick and efficient flea removal management team will get your flea problem under control. We will provide you with the latest possible control treatments for all forms of the parasite, making sure that you won’t have any future problems with the parasite on your property.

We will also recommend good hygiene and the frequent cleaning of your home, to reduce the risk of any further infestation. If you’re interested in finding out how to maintain your home and remove small flocks of fleas, check out our guide on how to get rid of fleas at home right here.

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