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How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas in your home are one of the largest reasons people are put off owning pets. Or, for those who brave ahead, a source of instant panic, when you see your four-legged friend madly scratching behind their ear. Fear sets in. Is it a harmful itch? Are they already completely infested? Am I?

If you’ve started noticing your pet scratching a little more than usual at home, it’s best to start looking at guides on how to get rid of fleas as soon as possible.

Fleas are tiny, harmless-looking biting bugs that can cause what feels like never-ending misery as a result of endless itching, not just for your pets, but for you and others in your household too. The bad news is, that non-pet owners aren’t safe either. We can pick up fleas from rodents, strays and even other people! And how to get rid of them can seem like an impossible task.

How To Remove Fleas At Home

How To Get Rid of Fleas

If you’ve found yourself in discomfort a little more than normal, or are noticing small black insects on your skin, hair, sheets, or an increase in agitation from your pets, chances are fleas may be on the loose. It stands to reason that you’ll want to get rid of them as quickly and effectively as possible.

So read over this guide on how to get rid of fleas, whether you’re plagued by 1 or 100. We’ll talk you through 8 strategies to keep them off your skin and out of your home for good. That is, of course, until you seek professional help to eradicate fleas once and for all.

Our top 8 methods to get rid of fleas at home include:

  1. Treat Your Pets
  2. Treat Your Home
  3. Use Flea Sprays & Flea Bombs
  4. Trim Your Grass & Garden
  5. Regularly Wash All Bedding
  6. Use Repellent Secents
  7. Hire A Steam Cleaner
  8. Seek Expert Help

Step 1 - Treat Your Pets

1. Treat your pets

The first step that you should take before removing fleas from your home is to treat any pets who will be carrying the little critters.

If your pets are the cause of fleas in your home, tackle the source as quickly as possible. A quick trip to the vet will land you with a harmless treatment, oral medication or flea collar. Use this as instructed by your vet, and always stay vigilant for fleas or irritated patches on your pet’s fur. You can use a fine-tooth flea comb to check for eggs and use a flea shampoo to give your pets a good, thorough scrub now and then.

Step 2 - Treat Your Home

2. Treat your home

Fleas are famous for their ability to jump great distances, so they won’t be put off if they can’t immediately find a furry host to satisfy their cravings. You’ll need to just as effectively treat your home if you don’t want you and your pets to be tomorrow’s dinner for those determined fleas.

Ensure you have a powerful vacuum for pet hair, and run it over all the carpets, surfaces, and hard-to-reach corners. Don’t leave that dust bag lying around either – fleas can lay their eggs in it, so change it to a fresh one immediately. Vacuum regularly to avoid accidentally keeping a flea hotel.

Step 3 - Use Flea Spray

3. Use flea sprays and flea bombs

Carpets, rugs and furniture can all be treated with flea-repellent sprays to remove and exterminate the issue. You can also use flea foggers or flea bombs for larger areas and to ensure fuller, more extensive coverage. They can leave a nasty aroma or residue however it’s best to use this once when you’ve tackled the source of the problem as a final, comprehensive measure. You’ll want to keep the windows open for a while afterwards!

Step 4 - Mow & Cut Grass

4. Trim your grass and garden

Fleas like to hide in dark, sheltered places, so you should concentrate on preventing fleas from staying in your garden. Keep your grass and shrubs well trimmed to make them less appealing for them, and ensure any outdoor pet bedding or furniture is regularly cleaned and washed.

If you’re asking how to get rid of fleas, don’t overlook your garden. Even if your animals don’t spend too much time there, you’ll still find rodents and wild animals passing through who carry fleas that may transfer to your pets, or even straight to you.

Step 5 - Wash Bedding

5. Regularly wash your bedding

Keeping your laundry items clean is essential if you’re trying to remove fleas from your home. Vacuum your mattress and wash your sheets in hot soapy water to kill the fleas and their eggs.

When you’ve dealt with the infestation, stick to a regular, thorough cleaning routine to keep it from happening again. The same goes for your pet’s bedding too of course. Don’t be afraid to throw out an old pet bed in favour of a clean, new one – sometimes it’s just not worth going through all that trouble only to worry you didn’t get every single spot.

Step 6 - Use Repellent Scents

6. Use repellent scents

Like most other pests, such as when dealing with possums or removing mosquitos, there are certain scents fleas find very unappealing. Diatomaceous earth (DE) can be used, but be careful when using indoors, and apply to surfaces using a mask and gloves as it can be dangerous to inhale.

Borax is an effective cleaning agent too, but toxic to pets, so make sure they’re in another room when you apply the chemical. Rosemary and lemon are two organic scents that fleas hate, so mix a water-based solution and spray it around the house and over your pet’s toys and bedding to keep them at bay.

Step 7 - Hire Steam Cleaner

7. Hire a steam cleaner

Steam cleaning your carpets, furniture and bedding is a highly effective way to remove fleas from the home. A combination of water, high heat and soap is a powerful mix, and you’ll get clean surfaces out of it as a bonus too! But be careful to check beforehand that your items won’t be negatively affected when treated with moisture and artificial products.

8. Seek Professional Help

8. Seek expert help

There’s nothing more frustrating than adopting all these tactics, keeping as close an eye on your pet as you reasonably can, only to see a blissfully ignorant flea hopping around on your sofa looking for its next snack.

Sometimes, the best method is the expert one, and calling in a professional such as a member of our highly-trained team here at Pestline is how you can ensure complete confidence in effective flea infestation removal. We’ll get rid of your fleas so your skin can finally live in peace.

How To Remove Fleas At Home

The Final Word

Treating fleas, whether on fur, human skin, or in the home, is a pain. These pests are resilient and they turn up in large numbers. If dealing with them alone feels overwhelming, rest assured that Pestline will be able to take care of the problem for you, professionally and efficiently.

You can contact us online today for a free quote, or give us a call at 0422 154 330 to find out how many interesting flea facts we know (or to book an appointment to get rid of the fleas in your house as fast as possible, we’re happy to do that).

Professional pest control at your fingertips: Pestline is here to help.

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