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With over 28,000 species of beetles in Australia that can be found across a variety of different rich food environments, beetle control is a commonly requested service at Pestline. Most beetles have two pairs of wings and come in a vast array of colours and sizes. Not all beetles are pests but those that are, range from grain beetles, which attack farmed produce and prevent growth, to flour beetles, which will infest the food stores in your restaurant, motel/hotel or warehouse, all the way to carpet beetles, which – you guessed it – feed on carpets and other soft furnishings.

Problems associated with beetles

Red flour Beetles are known to be a pest in the home as they will find their way to your pantry, consuming the food in there, leaving their droppings along the way, and shedding the skin of their larvae, which may cause an allergic reaction if consumed. The fortunate thing is that it will not spread any fatal disease. As mentioned above, several other beetles can cause problems to your crops and clothing such as carpet beetles.

On the other hand, some beetles can help in getting rid of your garbage and with your flower pollination.

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Our Beetle Control Solution

Our professional and efficient team of pest controllers can provide a beetle removal solution that solves your problem by providing you with a detailed assessment of your beetle infestation and how we can help manage it for you, whether in the home or on the farm. This assessment will show how we aim to deliver on performance and get the desired results of returning your home to a pest-free environment.

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