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Vermin Control in Melbourne & Greater Victoria

The term ‘vermin’ refers to a wide variety of flying, crawling, and burrowing pests, and can include a host of invasive birds, wild rodents, and insects. Due to the broad definition of ‘vermin’, many mistakenly believe vermin control to be a similarly non-specific form of pest control. This is not the case.

Vermin control requires a highly focused and methodical approach that takes into consideration the unique movements of the vermin being targeted and designs bait stations and environmental barriers that best interfere with the targeted vermin’s destructive activities.

How Effective Vermin Control Can Benefit Your Business

In agricultural and industrial contexts, vermin are defined as wild animals that are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game’, whether through their predatory behaviour, their consumption of food sources, their destruction of the habitat, or through carrying diseases which they then introduce to local communities.

It’s common for farms, cafes restaurants, and food production plants or factories to have vermin control plans in place to mitigate damage or potential waste caused by vermin activity. Not to mention that vermin can be found in hospitals; in particular hospital kitchens. The majority of these independently designed vermin control plans rely on the incorporation of bait stations (or traps) to catch free-roaming vermin, with control treatments like rat poisons being out of the question out of concerns of food or crop contamination.

Business owners simply cannot afford not to implement an effective vermin control plan immediately upon detecting the telltale traces of vermin activity in their business. This is why Pestline recommends an educated and proactive approach to vermin control, to minimise risks of food contamination, profit loss, and property damage.

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Rabbit Control Services At Pestline

Rabbits are some of the most common vermin known to plague both agricultural and residential areas across greater Melbourne. Their destructive burrowing and feeding habits have wreaked havoc both in built-up environments as well as out in the bush since the introduction of this invasive species in the early 1800s.

Due to their habit of eating seeds and ringbarking native trees and shrubs, rabbits have also presented themselves to be an incredible threat to Australia’s biodiversity. Their consumption of seeds and seedlings interferes with the natural regenerative cycle of Australian bush habitats. The degradation of bush habitats can, in turn, prompt other pests and native species alike to seek food on farms, large country properties, and even in built-up areas across the greater city of Melbourne. Rabbit burrows have been known to cause foundational damage to homes and commercial or industrial buildings across metropolitan Melbourne as well.

At Pestline, our rabbit control services incorporate a range of effective control tactics that will seek to minimise your local rabbit population, as well as mitigate the destruction caused by rabbit activity.

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