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Melbourne’s Carpet Beetle Problem

Carpet beetles are destructive pests that wreak havoc on Melbourne properties. Carpet beetles eat anything organic, including potted plants, silk furnishings, woollen clothing, paint, pet fur and more. A carpet beetle infestation can even wreak havoc on dry food stores.

Image of Carpet Beetle taken by Tony from flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/32977858@N02/4038543677

Image credit: Tony https://www.flickr.com/photos/32977858@N02/4038543677

Carpet beetles can also cause health issues, including eye irritation and severe allergies. There’s even a specific condition called ‘carpet beetle dermatitis,’ which is a serious rash on the skin caused by a carpet beetle infestation.

Carpet beetles are capable of laying 50 to 100 eggs, causing exponential population growth. So if you spot just one carpet beetle in your home or office, it’s vital that you get domestic or commercial carpet beetle control as soon as possible.

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What Is A Carpet Beetle Infestation, And How Do I Know If I Have One?

What Is A Carpet Beetle?

Carpet beetles describe a range of beetle species that are prevalent in Australia. Typically, carpet beetles are around 5mm long, although carpet beetle larvae can grow up to 7mm and are actually larger than adult carpet beetles. Carpet beetles are not to be confused with carpet mites, which are much smaller.

Carpet beetles feast on dead skin cells, dry food like rice and pasta and clothing made of material like silk and cotton. As they feast on dry food stores, it’s also common to see carpet beetle larvae in pantry spaces.


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When Do I Need Professional Carpet Beetle Control?

There are several symptoms of a carpet beetle infestation to look out for. Get professional carpet beetle treatment for your home or workplace if you notice the following:

  • Finding carpet beetle eggs – these are translucent and can be less than a mm long
  • Moulted skin and shed hairs
  • Seeing live carpet beetles
  • Carpet beetle dermatitis, which is easily confused with other skin conditions
  • Small, brown pellets of faeces that may have come from carpet beetles

If you spot these signs of carpet beetles, get in touch with Pestline for professional carpet beetle removal services that are tailored to Melbourne properties. We specialise in keeping your home free from carpet beetle, preventing property damage and health issues like carpet beetle dermatitis.

Pestline’s Carpet Beetle Solutions For Homes And Businesses

How To Stop Carpet Beetles At The Source

The best way to prevent carpet beetle damage is to stop them from coming through the door. Here are some ways you can do just that:

  • Check indoor plants for carpet beetles that might have hitched a ride
  • Vacuum and steam clean your carpets and other surfaces on a regular basis
  • Regularly wash your clothes
  • Keep your floor free of food remnants
  • Regularly dust your furniture – carpet beetles can often be found in dust as it contains human skin cells

Carpet Beetle Removal In Melbourne

Our specialists provide tailored commercial and domestic pest control solutions to fight carpet beetle infestations. We’ve worked with hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, suburban homes and more to prevent carpet beetle damage across a range of environments. Besides carpet beetles, Pestline also provides extermination services for silverfish, ants, wasps and all manner of common pests.

Our licensed exterminators also perform carpet beetle control in accordance with Australian pest control standards, alongside ensuring that our services stay gentle on the environment whilst still providing effective and long-lasting results.

Carpet Beetle Infestation? Call Pestline

When you spot the symptoms of a carpet beetle infestation, get carpet beetle treatment right away. Prevent damage to your property and potential health issues like allergies and skin irritations by calling professional carpet beetle exterminators promptly.

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