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Rats in Roof

We perform rat control in roofs, walls, floors, and gardens. And in this time, we’ve found that there aren’t many people that can get the results we do at Pestline. But every now and again, an animal comes from left field and shows us that we’re not always required!
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How to Keep Flies Away From the Home

Safe to say, most people aren’t huge fans of flies. They mess around with the most joyful moments of life; the gathering you wanted to have on the outdoor patio, the barbecue you were waiting for all week, the delicious food you’d been dying to eat… Some flies, like mosquitoes, also have a particular way of ruining the mood with their bite.

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How Can I Get Rid of Ants?

Have you experienced an infestation of ants before? It seems as though no matter how well you clean up, there always seems to be something to feed the never-ending hordes of ants. Just when you may think you’re on top of your ant problem, a single stray crumb from your sandwich seems to attract a whole new cohort of them. It’s unsurprising as in every colony there can be up to 500,000 ants. That’s up to 500,000 insidious little bugs hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home. That’s 3,000,000 ant feet marching in a scary sugar militia.

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