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Rats in Kitchen – What’s Hiding There?

Do you know what’s hiding in your kitchen? This mother of two found out that you’re not always alone! Read here to find out what to look for when it comes to rats in the kitchen and why rat control is important….Rodents-in-Kitchen

We recently had a call from a worried mother in Dromana, Melbourne saying she had a mouse problem and boy, she wasn’t kidding! What she didn’t realise though is that she had a serious rat infestation. The problem was so bad that her children complained they regularly saw these rats running in their bedroom and rats on their roof – at one point, one even crawled across one of her sons while he slept! Yikes!

After hearing what was happening to this customer and her family, we wasted no time and had one of our technicians out to see her that same day.

  1. What to look for
  2. Do I need rat control?

What To Look For With Rats In Kitchen

But what do our technicians look for? And what should you look for if you’re wondering whether you have a rat or mouse problem?
Other than actually seeing one, the most obvious sign is if you have food around your house that’s been nibbled at or eaten.

Mice vs Rats


Mice eat several times a day and will go back and forth between their home and food source, nibbling at their food a little bit each time. This will usually leave bits of crumbs around the food source and is a good sign that you have an unwanted visitor. Rats, however, will eat enough for the entire day in one sitting. This means that instead of nibbling, rats use their incisors (front teeth) to bite or gnaw at food, allowing them to eat much more at a time. Fortunately for us, a rat’s incisors are quite large which means they leave very obvious signs of their presence, particularly in foods such as fruit.

Other Signs

Other signs that you have a rat or mouse problem include seeing droppings, track marks, grease marks, urine stains, nests, hearing sounds or smelling odours.

Do I Need Rat Control For Rats In The Kitchen?

How to get rid of them? Leave this one to your pest control technician. This guide is to help you identify that you have a problem early on and to call in the professionals. We recommend that you ask your technician to also conduct a preventative treatment and give you a guarantee for your entire house (not just your kitchen). If they won’t, move on. Pestline’s services include a preventative and a guarantee to get rid of your rat or mouse problem. Call us today on 1300 361 646 if you need mouse control or rat control.











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